Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sweet & Sour Wednesday!

I’m not talking about Sweet & Sour Chicken (or Pork)….. more of surprises; both sweet and sour ones. Let me start with my sour surprise……which created a $112 deficit in my purse! =( . I brought my car into Town Fair Tires for a Free Flat Repair today and was caught by surprise when the guy told me that I needed a new tire.*sobs*. I just changed a set of new tires 3-4 months ago, and now I needed ONE new tire as Town Fair are not able to repair my flat tire – FREE?

Being in a male dominant store (and probably the only female there), I felt somewhat intimidated. I wasn’t sure if I was taken advantage of with this flat tire scenario or my flat tire was indeed beyond repair! When the guy told me what happened and why I needed new tire,…All I heard was… New Tire bla bla bla bla bla bla...I practically zoned out after hearing New Tire! I was like HUH??? He repeated himself and spoke in layman’s terms or should I say more female friendly terms…… I called up husband and asked him to speak to the guy and for him to make the decision….

CarSince this was sort of an emergency (I can’t be driving around town in that tiny spare), we decided to get the new tire. No time for me to research price for the best deal in town (and for Town Fair to match the price). The last time I changed my tires, I saved $20 for each tire, just cause we knew which one we wanted and we researched online prior! Sigh…With yours truly down $112, I told husband that the grocery money is gone…Haha...We will be eating Spam for the whole week…. LOL!

Now to the sweet part of my Wednesday…. I swung by my local library to return and pick up some books, not expecting anything. I patronize the local library very often as they have new and great books…I don’t even have to buy them anymore!! To my surprise, there was a little gift from my librarian friend, Alyce! She dropped off the gift and asked her other librarian friends to pass it to me when I stop by! How sweet and lovely of her! You must be curious why would a librarian send me gift..Our little friendship started a couple months ago, sometime in October or November when she noticed that I borrowed a bunch of cake making and decorating books. She asked if I make cakes, and before I know it, she was handing me cake recipes.. I was showing her the stuff I made on my FB album… Occasionally, I will bring her cakes, and cookies to try! =).

So when I got to the library today, the other 2 librarians (whom unfortunately, I don’t know that well) were telling me that Alyce stopped by and left me something. They asked if I was the girl who always brought Alyce cupcakes, and mentioned that Alyce always talked about husband and I. I did not know we’re that popular in the library, hopefully it’s all good stuff that they hear. Unfortunately, Alyce no longer works at the local library due to the recent city budget cut (even library hours are cut short!). I guess, I would need to bring my baked goods to my new friends at the library! =) GiftThank you Alyce for thoughtful and wonderful gift. The sprinkles come in handy and now I will have no excuse not to make some Easter cupcakes! =)


Rita McCall said...

I wonder what caused just that one tire to need changing. Was it severely damaged? Was it too different from the others? I’m sorry that the news of you needing to replace a tire after having just changed all your tires recently took you by surprise. At least you’ll be better prepared next time! You can go online to check out different types of wheels and their prices, and even buy them off websites too. Some online wheel shops sell their tires at cheaper rates, so that could definitely be helpful to your research.

Enoch Ross said...

Well, there are some people who take advantage of the situation, especially when they discover that the one they’re talking to doesn’t know anything much about cars. Well, to avoid things like this, you should always bring someone whenever you’re up for a tune up. If you have someone who knows stuff about vehicles, those people won’t have the guts to deceive you.

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