Thursday, March 5, 2009


KutsintaI saw this box of “Kutsinta” mix in an Asian Grocery store in Cranston, RI a few months back and had to try it. Kutsinta, a Filipino dessert (and I’ve tried it before at one of Chris’s parties) tasted and looked exactly like this Kuih (cake) we have in Malaysia and they were even served with shredded coconut!! I later found out several other Filipino desserts have resemblances if not the same to Malaysian desserts. We occasionally tease each other about the origins of the desserts and often claim that either one of us copied the other! Haha! The names were different, but the tastes were spot on SAME!

So, I decided to mix it up and steam the Kutsinta (unfortunately, I don’t know the Malaysian name for this dessert). Kutsinta-1Sadly, It did not turn out like Kutsinta….it turned out more like another Malaysian Kuih called “Huat Kuih” or “Fat Koh”…….It tasted alright; somewhat like “Huat Kuih”…. Well, to tell you the truth… I am not sure if it was my itchy hands and creative thoughts that caused the dessert to look different, or if there’s a glitch in the mix itself. I did added some coconut milk to the dry mix (instead of just water as per instruction)…So, maybe the coconut milk initiated some reaction there! **Whoopss!**Kutsinta-2I will get another box and give it another try next time. Hopefully, it will turn out better! Note to self; FOLLOW THE EXACT INSTRUCTIONS!!!

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Anonymous said...

hi, bought the same mix, ive used water , kaso it dint turn to kutsinta, looks like puto. I think, misleading yung picture ng box, bka hindi tlga ya kutsinta,

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