Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our Boy, Brady!

We finally took the plunge and welcome a new boy, Brady! After several weeks and several different shelter visits, we finally rescued a dog from the shelter. Hubby and I have been wanting to get a dog for quite a while, as both of us are canine lovers. We finally think we’re financially, physically, and emotionally ready to take up the responsibility of owning a dog/puppy!


I saw Brady on Thursday and I love the way he looked and the way he acted! Hubby thankfully managed to get off work early on Friday and we went straight to the shelter to look at Brady (previously known as Andy!) and other dogs that they have up for adoption.

Hubby too fell in love with Brady as he was this cool mellow fella which does not bark (we’re keeping our fingers crossed he will stay this way!), yet does not scramble away when other dogs growl. After hanging out with Brady, we decided he would be a great addition to the family! After signing a bunch of paperwork and an adoption fee of $290, we’re the proud and happy parents of Brady!


Brady is a 1yr old Jack Russell and Italian Greyhound mix. He was rescued from a hoarder in the south and just came to the shelter on Sunday.He weighs about 18lbs and is sort of full grown. He’s fond of dogs and people, not so much his feline friends! In 2 days, we’ve overwhelmed him (and ourselves ) to visits to the park and 3 different houses! Our friends seem to enjoy his company and have even volunteered to baby sit and try to train him! Yay!


Oh, by the way…Brady SNORES!!


Mrs. Green said...

very sweet :o). hehehe i can't wait to meet brady.

wilykat said...

he reminds me of lucky!

Simply June said...

errr.. u mean lucky my childhood dog? =)....yea i guess a little.. but brady's prolly twice his size.. hehe

Unknown said...

I just ran across your page after looking up jack russell/italian greyhound mix and after looking at your pics of your little guy, this is my little dog Louie to a t!

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