Monday, March 9, 2009

Pad Thai : Part Two

Yup! Sunday, was another Pad Thai throw down night! This time it was by yours truly; Her Majesty! This is the 2nd time we cooked Pad Thai in 3 days! If you’ve been a regular reader, you might have read about His Majesty’s Pad Thai attempt on Friday! We’ve been relentless trying to perfect a home cook Pad Thai! =)

My version of Pad Thai was also based on Alton Brown’s recipe which husband used, again with some substitution to Alton’s recipe ingredients for more original ingredients. I did add a couple thinly sliced chicken breast meat to the Pad Thai. The measurements for all the ingredients were EYE-BALLED; something I love to do when I does Rachel Ray??! I’ll just eye-ball stuff and add as I go till I think I get the taste (or look) that I want to achieve! This eye-balling habit is actually very bad as I will not be able to give you my exact recipes of dishes I make except to tell you the ingredients in it.

Anyway, the Pad Thai I made was somehow not satisfactory either. It was still edible, just not up to par when it’s being compared to the ones you order from Thai restaurants! I feel that my version of Pad Thai was more like the Malaysian Char Koay Teow…haha..minus the sliced Chinese Sausages…… YUM! I seriously think that we need to find another Pad Thai recipe to follow now! Well, the Pad Thai throw down is not over yet….there will be many trials to get it RIGHT!! If you have a totally awesome Pad Thai recipe, please do share!! =) Thanks!!! Dinner-17Speaking of relentless attempts to make the to-die-for Pad Thai…..Husband and I had stocked up in a few cans of chopped clams…….We’re on a mission to perfect Clam Chowder, using more affordable ingredients! FYI, good size clams are about $5-6 / lbs…..and the clam meat you get from it is probably 20% of the total weight!! And we love Chowdah with chunky clams and not just potatoes!Stay tune for more Clam Chowdah throw down…. I suspect it will happen within this week or the next! =P

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