Sunday, August 9, 2009

USTA 2009 New England District Champion!

USTALook who won! Hubby and his teammates fought hard in the finals to win the USTA League 2009 New England District Championships!! =) Congratulations and well done to the team! It was 3 days of nail biting tennis excitement in 2 difference clubs.

This tourney started on Friday and ended today. After playing against 4 different teams, hubby’s team qualified for the finals which was held today. It was totally nail biting and nerve wrecking experience watching the team play against the other team. Hubby’s win wasn’t enough to win since it was the best of 5 (2 singles and 3 doubles), and it was close with hubby’s team winning 3-2.

Congratulations again on this win! In about 2-3 weeks’ time, the team will be heading to Western Massachusetts to compete in the Sectional Championships. Winner of the Sectional will be heading to the Nationals in the west coast!!!section6.ashxThere were a few dramas leading towards this confirmed win. Lets just say one/some of these men were perhaps sore losers and had perhaps unscrupulously sabotaged hubby’s tennis rating in hopes get him/his scores/his team disqualified! Grrr….. I think USTA is having their investigation on who’s been impersonating hubby’s team captain NOT ONCE BUT TWICE to bump up hubby’s tennis rating.  Ohh.. I really want to know what that culprit(s) was!!!

Boy, was I glad the weekend was over. I came home feeling more tired and drained than the hubby who played 4 times in 3 days!

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ween said...

woo hooo!! congratulations to your hubbY! and team!

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