Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I always believe that good things are meant to be shared….. especially good things CHEAP! =). I was introduced to a few months back by my friend Caroline but have only gone “window shopping” online. It was my friend in Rhode Island, CherryAnn who then told us about this pet supply warehouse in MA where we could stop by the showroom or call ahead to pick up the order. And it turned out to be! And their warehouse is about 20 minutes away and near my regular dimsum restaurant!!


This site/store sells tones of pet supplies (especially for dogs) at warehouse prices and you don’t need to buy wholesale quantities! They also sell brand name stuff (i.e. Kong, Greenies, etc) which are also found at national pet retail store chains. Did I mention prices are usually about 30% cheaper or more at Petedge?

Upon knowing that the warehouse is so close, we drove there one weekend and picked up a bunch of dog supplies and toys for Brady. We spent about $25 for a whole bag of stuff for Brady which would probably cost us about $40 if we were to shop at retail stores!

For those of you in Massachusetts (Woburn) and Nevada (Reno), you could check pick up stuff from their warehouse and showroom (which does not have as much stuff as their online site). Just call in and pick up your order 24 hours later. If you decided you did not like the stuff you ordered over the phone, you can still change your order! You must call in to do the pick up option. If you order online, they will have to ship it to you! Happy shopping!

PS: I’m not affiliated with, just a customer excited about saving money! =)

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