Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green (Vege) Curry Anyone?

I probably have mentioned time and over again that I like trying new stuff. I like to be able to expand my palate and try the different kind of stuff out there!  If it’s good, I’ll take more… if it’s not to my palate, at least I can say that I’ve tried it once! =) Well, I lied…there are some limitations to my “taste adventures” insects or innards, please.

I was at a Southeast East Asian market recently and saw some green golf-ball size eggplants, more commonly known as Thai Eggplants. These skin of the eggplants when cooked, turn brown (and the flesh turns soft) just like the regular eggplants. GreenCurry1And since I have a can of Maesri brand green curry paste at home, I decided to get the eggplants and make some kind of curry with it! I’ve never used this brand nor have I made Thai green curry before this. So I decided to follow the instruction on the back of the can and used some eggplants, okra, tomatoes, lemongrass and some basil leaves to make a pot of Thai Green (Vege) Curry. GreenCurryThe verdict of the Maesri brand green curry paste was YUM! I don’t need to add seasoning of any sorts to the curry as the paste was already well seasoned. All I did was add water and coconut milk per instructions. I will definitely get this brand again if I were to cook another hot of Thai Green Curry! =)GreenCurry2

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