Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peach Jam

PeachJamSo…what do I do when I have over 15lbs of fresh peaches…. I turn some into PEACH JAM! Found an easy recipe on www.foodnetwork.com and decided to give that a try…except reduce the sugar by a whole LOT! The peach jam was still very sweet for my preference! As a consolation, at least I know this homemade jam does not have additional preservatives. 

It was just peaches, sugar and a pot to cook the jam! =) I used 2 lbs of peaches and 1 lb of sugar and made the jam per the recipe. The peaches have natural pectin which gives the jam its consistency. My jam when cooled, was very thick and sweet, but good! I wonder if it was because of my cooking time? It’s no biggy, all I need to do is stick the jam into the microwave for a couple seconds to make it a little runny again! PeachJam1

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