Sunday, August 16, 2009

Of Brady & Pinky and Their Play Date?

We brought Brady to Paul & Janet’s house over the weekend for a little play date with Pinky, their new Mini Schnauzer (one of my favorite breed). The puppy is about 2-3 months old and have grown since the last time we met.

It’s so wonderful to see that Brady is very patient with this puppy even though she tried to bite his tail and annoy/tease him. PinkyPinky is indeed one cute pup! The way she hopped around the room reminded me of a bunny! She’s just an adorable little thing! But she does like to chew on things (toys, cables, harness)…. something unavoidable with puppies…. I guess..


Can’t wait to see her again! It’s nice to be able to play with someone else’s puppy without the headaches of owning one yourself! Hehe!

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Lilia said...

Oh so cute!!

Chico is so horrible with other dogs!! Once i brought Chico to a playdate with a friends puppy Pomeranian and gawd, he went crazy angry when the puppy kept scratching him and actually nibbled his arm.
I wish Chico was friendlier :(

Good Boy Brady!

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