Monday, August 3, 2009

Lobster Fest!

Live Lobsters are $3.99/lb at our local grocer again! Yay! Hubby and I got sucked in and decided to buy some live and kicking lobsters and eat it the American way; boiled/steamed! When it’s as low as $3.99/lb there’s no way we’re passing up this good deal as they can cost up to $8.99/lb from the same grocer during peak season!

 Lobster Lobster1

We bought 8 lobsters (about 9 lbs worth) @ $36.00 and shared it among 3 other friends. I boiled the lobster in a simple slightly flavored broth of celery, lemon, onion, corn, garlic, salt and potatoes. Live lobsters are dark in color and when they are cooked, the shells turn bright orange. It takes about 10 minutes to cook a 1 lb lobster and additional 3 minutes for each additional pound. I cooked my lobsters in 2 batches, 15 minutes each since I have so many of them in one pot. =) Lobster2I served the lobsters with some melted butter, potato salad, cucumber salad, boiled corn and garlic toast. And of course wine and beer!

Chen and his gf, Janet brought some Chinese stir fried vegetables and their new pet. They had 2 days ago gotten a new puppy; 10 weeks old mini schnauzer (Pinky)!  She’s too cute!!!! I’ll try to get pictures of her soon!

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