Friday, August 21, 2009

Hubby’s Birthday Cake

Would you love a slice of green tea cake with red bean filling? =) HubbysCake2It was a simple family celebration for hubby’s birthday this year with only my in-laws. I thought hubby would appreciate celebrating his birthday with just the family since it’s been 9 years since he has celebrated his birthday with his parents. =) He had some steamboat/hotpot for his birthday last night. We’ll have a casual bbq with some friends over on Sunday for a second round of low-key birthday celebration!

I’ve fallen in love with chiffon cakes and decided to make green tea chiffon cake for hubby’s birthday. I used the same recipe for green tea chiffon cake I made last week and increased the green tea by another teaspoon. This year’s birthday I decided to make do without fondant decorations. I’ve used fondant to decorate his birthday cake for the past 3-4 years (I’ll try to share pictures on those), and I’ve gotten a little bored with it..though I’m still a amateur at fondant decorating. I decided to use freshly whipped cream and chocolate instead. That way, it won’t be overly sweet and hopefully more appealing to my in-laws.

I made the green tea chiffon cake in a regular pan instead of a tube pan, slice it horizontally to fill it up with red bean filling. For my cake filling, I whipped some cream and mix in equal portion of whipped cream and store bought red bean paste. I covered the sides of the cake with more whipped cream, covered the ugly sides with green tea and black sesame flavored white chocolate. I got the idea for the chocolate pieces HERE.

Voila…….. a little birthday cake for hubby, I call my masterpiece! I thought the cake had a bit too much green… Oh well, as long as the cake tasted ok! =P HubbysCakeHubbysCake1


chiaoju said...

love the look of that cake! i should probably try making one... *teehee*. i haven't tried out your bakchang recipe just yet! oh and your onde-onde recipe.

btw, have u thought of making a business out of these wonderful food that u've made?

Simply June said...'s not that though... i used whipped cream to decorate.. may not get a smooth effect like buttercream but definitely less sweet..

bak chang and ondeh ondeh is just the agak agak recipe.. hehe. hope it works out for u..... i wanna do ondeh ondeh. maybe next week and try to write down the specific measurements/recipe...etc.

no thoughts on making it a business yet.. I'm having fun cooking.. eating..and feeding ppl for now...

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