Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Peachy Peach Cheesecake…

PeachCheesecakeNOT REALLY! =(. It tasted more like regular cheesecake.. I can’t taste the peachiness from the peach and peach jam I used.. Boo Hoo Hoo! And I was hoping to share the recipe here! =(

I decided to bake a peach cheesecake for hubby’s Birthday BBQ party on Sunday in a semi-desperate attempt to get rid of as many peaches as I can (I gave 8 away to friends, and still have about 8 in my fridge as of now). I modified my jackfruit cheesecake recipe (which I’ve yet to share and will try to as soon enough).

My MIL said it was good…. I thought it could pass for a plain cheesecake and definitely won’t call it Peach Cheesecake. I added a fresh peach (pureed) and some homemade peach jam to enhance the flavor… It did not work, I ended up with more cheese mixture and no peach flavor. My initial plan was just to make the cheesecake in a tart pan. However with me adding more and more peach jam to enhance the peachiness, I have more cheese mixture than planned! PeachCheesecake2I needed a quick solution so that the cheese mixture would not go to waste. I spontaneously dropped a shortbread cookie (Sandies shortbread fits perfectly) in each hole of my muffin pan (lined with some aluminum cupcake liners) and poured the cheese mixture over it. I ended up with about 6 mini cheesecakes which I topped up with some peach jam after baking it to enhance the peachiness and to hide the not so appealing concave top. They look oh-so-pretty, I would definitely repeat this method again, of course with another cheesecake recipe! =)PeachCheesecake1

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