Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anticipating August!

August is finally here! This is the start of a busy month for hubby and I. It’s gonna be whirlwind of excitement, activities and reunion! The following weekend, hubby (and his cheerleader, me) will be occupied with intense tennis competitions. Schedule is not out yet, but we suspect we’ll be spending hours at the tennis courts 3 days in a row. It will depend how well hubby’s team played! =p

2 weeks from now, my in-laws will be in town and will be here for a couple weeks. At the end of August, an old friend from Chicago will be in town to visit hubby and I. We’ll have to buy him a meal of lobster after the many years of promising him a lobster meal if he visits us! That same weekend, hubby will have another round of intense tennis tournament if he gets thru the one coming up! =)

This busy end of August weekend will be followed by a busy reunion weekend in NYC… Now, lets leave that for another posting!! =)

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