Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicken Rice Dinner

ChickenRiceMy lazy Monday dinner looked elaborate, but it was definitely simpler than it looks! In about 30 minutes, I came up with the chicken dish, chinese vegetables, rice and even soup! =)

ChickenRice1 ChickenRice2 

I boiled the chicken in some chicken broth and served it in some garlic/shallot soy sauce. While waiting for the chicken to cook through, I made some fragrant rice using chicken broth, ginger, garlic oil, fried shallots and salt….. dump everything in the rice cooker and let it do the magic! Once my chicken is cooked through, I removed it and served it up on a plate. I then blanched some Chinese greens in that chicken broth and toss some soy sauce over it. By now, the broth used to boil the chicken (and the vege) was even more flavorful….so why waste it? I served thp the soup to complete the whole Chicken Rice dinner meal for hubby and I! Yumss!

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