Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Apple Pear??

AsianPearSay What?? You read it right; APPLE PEAR! Hubby and I (as long as it’s not innards of animals) are always into trying new stuff we see from the local grocer. A few days ago, we stumbled upon this Asian Pear looking fruit labeled as Apple Pear. Since it was oh-so big and fresh and cost only $1.49 each, we got one to try just to kill our curiosity.

What was Apple Pear? I googled “Apple Pear” once I got home and found out it was indeed Asian Pear! Although Asian pears are native to China, Korea and Japan, you can now get it in local farms in the US. The best part is, certain farm even offer customers the opportunity to self pick your own fruits!

Apple Pear/Asian Pears are different from those pears (i.e. Bartlett, Anjou, etc)  you often see at most grocer in the US. Asian Pears usually have yellow (or yellow ochre) skin on the outside and is white in the inside. These pears also have higher water content, crisp and is refreshingly sweet. For these reasons, I prefer Asian Pears over the regular pears.

And that was what we had for desserts last night. Along with the Asian Pear, I also served up some grapes and some home made fruit Konnyaku Jelly.AsianPear1PS: If you’re in the Boston area and want to go pear (and other fruit) picking, check out Belkin Family Lookout Farm.

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