Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blueberries Are In season!

I was craving for some donuts and recalled those yummy strawberry donuts at Parlee Farms. I decided to head there and check out their farm stand. Since it’s blueberries and raspberries season, I bet they will have some sort of fresh donuts made from their berries!

I was right, they indeed had some blueberry donuts for $1.50 @ 5 pcs. They might not look that appetizing being bluish in color, but they were surely tasty. Too bad those donuts have been sitting out for a while and not piping hot! The donuts which were lightly dusted with sugar were nonetheless yummy, soft, filled with blueberries and not overly sweet!

After making a 10 minutes drive there, I could not just leave with a bag of donuts. I shopped at their farm stand and got a fresh loaf of blueberry bread (made from the farm’s blueberries) @ $3.75. I then spotted some nectarines so fresh I couldn't’ resist to get a few. The nectarines are $1.99/lb and I got about 1-1/2lbs worth. The nectarines were so red, so plump and bruise free, they looked like apples! Even hubby thought they were apples! =pParleeLook out for some nectarine upside down cake in my next post!

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Mrs. Green said...

we love blueberries!!!

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