Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lobster Fest

This household has been having lobsters too often… Can’t blame us when lobsters are abundant, right? This time around lobsters are at $4.99/lb. We promised our friend, Kiat from Chicago that we’ll buy him a lobster meal when he visits us in Boston. And he did visit us, so we have to keep our promise and got about 7-1/2 lbs of lobsters to share! I boiled one lobster for our special guest to enjoy.LobstersThe other 5 lobsters, I stir fried it 2 ways. The first (left) was black and pepper style. The second (right) was my favorite, salted duck egg style. YUMS!!!

 Lobsters2 Lobsters1

I did serve up some tamarind shrimp and some store bought roast chicken that night. It was surely a meal fit for a King, I think! In this case, it’s a meal fit for a good friend from Chicago! Thanks for visiting, Kiat! Hope to see you soon!


Kiat said...

Best lobster fest ever!

ween said...

i wanna go visit also!! i'll make sure i go long enough to get to try umm... everything? or at least that will be THE ONLY WAY to get hubs to agree to go... :P

have fun this weekend babes!

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