Thursday, May 7, 2009

Revisited: Feng Shui Restaurant @ Chelmsford, MA

 Feng ShuiChris, hubby and I went for yet another buffet @ Feng Shui restaurant in Chelmsford before our Wolverine movie. I’ve blogged about this place previously and my comments about this place remain the same, if not better!. I love this place! Just love it!Feng Shui-1I took pictures of my visit this time……and let me show what $17.95 (Sunday dinner Buffet) can get you…or at least what I filled my hungry tummy with:

Left: Assorted Nigiri & Sushi and Ginger Scallion Lobster. Right: Jumbo Salt & Pepper Prawns, Noodles, & Crispy Chicken

 Feng Shui-3Feng Shui-2

Food again, as replenished in a timely manner and the buffet line is quick clean. =) Soup is not put out on the buffet line, but feel free to request your complimentary soup from your wait staff. I’ve not tried asking for a second helping of soup, but I’m sure they will be happy to serve you more!

They now have a variety of Chinese “cold cuts” and cold appetizers on the buffet…. It’s refreshing to see new stuff added to the buffet line! I’ll be back for more buffet!!

Updated 6/4/2009 : I brought my parents to dine at the buffet when they were visiting… They gave this place two thumbs up! They’re impressed with how fresh and delicious the food were and thought $17.95 was totally worth it! =)

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