Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Korean Grill House @ Toronto, Canada

We stumbled upon Korean Grill House on our stroll down Yonge St in Downtown Toronto. Dad suggested that we try it out and I’m definitely game for some Korean BBQ meat! Mmm…..KoreanThe best part of this eating galore was that the grill dinner is CAD$12.95 per person for an EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN which all of us took. With that you get 10 different kind of meat (Pork, Beef, Salmon, Beef Ribs, Ox Tongue, Ox Liver, Chicken, White Fish Fillet, Squid). For CAD$3 more, you could get lamb and shrimp in addition to those 10 meat. The Eat-All-You-Can came with about 6 different kind of side dishes, soup (which we were given like 1/4 cup each) and rice. Fresh vegetables are however additional at $3 per vegetable/per person. If I’m not mistaken, when someone orders vegetables, everyone at the table would have to order it as well. That’s where they get you, I guess!

The side dishes were nothing to shout about. They were edible, but definitely not the best I’ve had. I’ve been to other (more Authentic, perhaps?) places where over 20 different kinds of to die for side dishes were brought out. The side dishes however were replenished quickly, upon order.Korean-1The meat arrived quickly in small dishes. There were so much meat that they soon look quite alike that nobody questioned what kind of meat that was and just started grilling and eating. The grill was set slightly lower than the table, which both had a pro and con. The pro part is that you get less oil splatter and probably don’t feel as much heat from the grill. The con was, it was hard to cook and watch the meat in the lowered grill; especially difficult if you’re short =P.


Meat was also replenished very quickly upon order. The wait staff were pretty efficient in topping up our drinks and constantly asking us if we want more of anything. They were pretty generous with the meat refills. Huge plus. I enjoyed chewing on pieces after pieces of beef ribs…..Mmmmm…..It would be heavenly if there were lettuce and bean sauce to wrap those grilled meat and gobble them down. My ice cold Heineken did however compliment my grilled dinner very well. =).

This place is perfect for meat lovers to fulfill their lust for loads of grilled meat. It’s seriously cheap eats (even if you ordered vegetable, or took the premium set) at CAD$12.95 per person for Eat-All-You-Can at a Korean Grill House, as ordering an entree at a similar joint will easily set you back $20.

Thumbs up for this place but don’t look forward to their side dishes!!! =) They do have other stuff on the menu other than the Eat-All-You-Can sets which we did not get a chance to try. I’m surely getting hungry just thinking about all the beef ribs I ate there…………………..

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