Sunday, May 3, 2009

China Mountain Restaurant

We ran out of idea of what to have for dinner, so we decided to try out the Chinese restaurant nearby for some take out. It was Game 7 of the first round playoff; Boston Celtics VS Chicago Bulls to determine who would be able to move forward to Round 2, and who would have to take the back sit and see who would eventually win the championship. Hubby and I couldn’t miss this game, and just had to eat dinner in front of the telly. =) 

China Mountain Restaurant is in a stand alone building, with large parking area! =) I think this place caters more to take out orders although they do have seating for dine-in patrons. They have a good range of Chinese food catered for American taste. Prices are somewhat quite reasonable.


Hubby and I went for combination dinner which ranges from $8.25 - $9.00, where prices differ depending on the kind of entree you choose. Each entree comes with a complimentary Pork Fried Rice (or white rice) which tasted alright. There were quite a good amount of roast pork pieces in the fried rice. It is different from other Chinese food joint as they usually give you Vege Fried Rice. The combination dinner comes with 1 appetizer (you can choose from a list of 10 different appetizers) and you could purchase additional appetizers for an additional $2. They are flexible with substitution of the rice for noodles or other fried rice, of course with an extra charge!


Hubby ordered the Twice Cooked Pork Entree with Teriyaki Chicken (2 pcs) for appetizer @ $8.25. I ordered the Hunan Chicken Entree with Crab Rangoon (4 pcs) for appetizer @ $8.50. We took the option to get additional Chicken Wings (4 pcs) $2 with the purchase of our entree. Hubby’s Twice cooked Pork tasted better than my Hunan Chicken. His pork although may not be the best Twice Cooked Pork we’ve eaten, was tender and the sauce was pretty flavorful. My Hunan Chicken on the other hand was kind of bland. I did not enjoy my entree as much. The appetizers we ordered were wonderful. The Crab Rangoon was one of the tastiest one I’ve had, with perfect amount of filling, and fried till crisp. The Chicken Wings were also good (although slightly on the tiny side); crispy, moist and flavorful at the same time. As for the Teriyaki Chicken, that one was ok….it could definitely use more teriyaki flavor in it. =P

Overall, we paid about $20 for the meal and it could easily feed 3. We may return to try other stuff and definitely return for their Crab Rangoon!! Yums!!!

Get your Chinese take-out here: 39 Tyngsboro Rd, North Chelmsford, MA 01863, P: (978) 251-8812

Oh by the way, Boston Celtics emerged as the stronger team in Game 7. With home court advantage, the roaring home crowd, supportive home viewers like me, and the ever determined Celtics players to seal the game and bounce one step closer to the championship; Boston Celtics eventually stole Chicago Bulls’ dream and won 109-99. Go Celtics!

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