Saturday, May 2, 2009

And We Walk…And Walk…And Walk..

With Brady, we now take 30 minutes walk every week day evening. On weekends, we are also the servants to Brady but we now also lead a healthier lifestyle! Mom and hubby will be so proud of me! I hate exercising (except playing tennis) and I hate talking walks (except when I shop), but Brady now gives me a reason to walk regularly. =). And I’m happy to do it!

We no longer sleep in till noon during the weekends and are up by 9 am latest on Saturday and 7.30 am on Sunday. All because we either need to give Brady breakfast, take him out to ease himself or on Sunday, his fun time in the dog park. And through out the day, we may bring Brady for random walks in the woods, around the neighborhood or by the river.

Today was no different…with the wonderful weather outside, hubby and I decided to take an evening walk in the the state forest nearby…… It did not last too long, as we soon realized we were providing free flow of fresh blood supply vampires mosquitoes. 5-10 minutes into the walk, we decided to head back as hundreds of mosquitoes were charging at us relentlessly. No wonder there weren’t many people at the forest reserve. =P.


We then drove off and headed to the river nearby. More peaceful walk without having to shoo away those hungry little rascals. There are more furry friends for Brady to meet and greet by the river too. After about an hour’s worth of walking along the river, we headed back to get some dinner and catch the basketball game playoff!


It’s definitely a blessing to live so close to the forest reserve, river and lake; and to be able to soak in the luxurious wonders of mother nature! And the readily available outdoor (free) tennis courts are also a huge plus!!

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