Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday

I was a happy happy birthday girl! I was giddy from all the love from family and friends on my birthday; receiving birthday calls, emails, wishes, cards and gifts!! **All Smiles** Thank you for all the wishes, the thoughtfulness and gifts…. You know who you are! For a moment, being 28 isn’t that bad after all!

Mom surprised me with a birthday call, a couple minutes after midnight. I was very touched with her effort to call me and wish me at that hour! =) Dad, brother, my in-laws also emailed/called the birthday girl!

Hubby surprised me (I love nice surprises!) early in the morning with stalks of beautiful red roses outside the bedroom, down the stairs leading towards the dining table where more surprise awaits me. More stalks of red roses await me along with a Birthday Mylar balloon awaits me, a box of yummilicious Godiva  chocolates, cards (one from hubby and one from Brady) and a Coach bag (which he got me last week and hid it all week long from me!) Hubby wanted to tie the balloon to Brady and sent him up to the room with it. Brady wasn’t too happy with a strange looking thing tied to the collar, so hubby took it off.BirthdayI was lead to believe that it was going to be a dinner date at my favorite restaurant with hubby that evening to celebrate my birthday. I was wrong and surprised! =). My close friends, Seyda, Rob and Chris with hubby’s help snuck into the house to surprise me with a beautiful birthday cake and gifts! Everything worked out perfectly and just fell into place. I was in the shower and was dressing up for the date when my friends all so happen arrived and got into the house without my knowledge.

I came down upon hubby’s persuasion having me see what Brady’s done (after hearing a sound in the kitchen) to see a beautiful lit birthday cake and presents! Yay!!My dear friends were hiding in the kitchen to surprise me.Birthday1My friends (who I nicknamed; the usual suspects) surely knows me well or maybe they are just trying to get me make more food for them when they gave me food related pressies! Cool ice cream bowls, ice cream recipe book, and a gift certificate to culinary class of my choice!!! =) I’m all hyped up about the delicious stuffs I could do with the gifts! My friends have also hinted that Sorbet would be a delicious summer treat for them! =). I would happily make it for them, no questions asked!

We then headed to my favorite seafood restaurant where hubby bought dinner; Naked Fish (reviews to come later) for some delicious seafood and Cuban cocktails! We got back to my place for some birthday cake for dessert!NakedFishTHANK YOU GUYS FOR EVERYTHING!


ayu said...

sounds like a lovely birthday, girl :o). *hug* the greens love you dood.

Adeline said...

the birthday cake look lovely!!! **hugs** happy birthday again! can't believe you are only 28!

Simply June said...

Thanks guys.........'re not that old!!

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