Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shanghai Nian Gao For Dinner…

It’s been gloomy all day today with occasional rain drops…… The best food remedy for such a cold, gloomy, icky day was definitely some HOT SOUPY STUFF!

For dinner, I made hubby and I a steamy bowl of Shanghai Nian Gao (Shanghai Rice Cakes) Soup each. Each bowl was generously topped with fish balls, fish cakes, Chinese Bok Choy, scrambled eggs and chopped cilantro for garnish. NianGao-1I bought frozen rice cake from the store which I then dump into my simmering broth for a couple minutes and added condiments to it. The end result, total yumminess and satisfaction ……. though the rice cake is slightly chewy. I still have about half a bag left which I could maybe use to do a stir-fry version later! =)NianGao-2

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