Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant @ Toronto, Canada

It was Wan Qi’s suggestion the night before heading to Toronto that both families get some Dim Sum there. With no idea of which restaurants should we entrust our hungry tummy to, I turned to Google for help in finding a Dim Sum in Toronto Chinatown.

I found three options and decided to go with the first I found; Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant located on Spadina Avenue. It took me a while to locate this restaurant as I initially keyed in the wrong address into my faithful GPS. =P. And asking people in Chinatown; “Do you know where Bright Pearl Seafood Restaurant is?” was not much help. It would have been helpful if I knew the Chinese name of the place (which I found out is “Fung Seng” in Cantonese) and no one knew I asked knew where Bright Pearl was and it was just about a block away!

We arrived at a bright yellow corner shop and took the stairs upstairs to the restaurant. We were greeted by the host and were seated immediately  (even though there were a few people waiting for tables) as they so happen to have big table ready. Yay! Location of our table was prime, near where the carts of fresh Dim Sum rolled out! Another Yay! Clean looking dining area was of typical Chinese dining banquet hall with gaudy out dated looking interior. =) I bet many Chinese weddings are held there though! Who cares as long as Dim Sum is YUMMY!!

Toronto-10 Toronto-9

They had a good variety of the usual Dim Sum and other not so common ones. The push cart ladies and our waitress were quite nice and friendly. Thumbs up for that as I’ve encountered restaurant wait staff in Chinatowns that are rude and overly pushy while trying to convince you to pick Dim Sum off their carts. The food was overall yummy, although I did not really enjoy the egg tart as much. I find the crust having some weird (stale?) smell? My other comment was the “Char Leong” (Steamed Noodle with Fried Dough Filling, below)…..which was good except they serve it with a sweet sauce instead of the regular soy sauce like what I’m used to in the US. Toronto-12I do not know what the final damage came to as Wan Qi’s family picked up the billed.THANKS!!Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience and an awesome way to kick off Mother’s Day! I would certainly recommend this place. =)

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