Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Bean Ice Cream

Red Bean Ice Cream3With my spanking new ice cream maker, Red Bean Ice Cream was first on my list. It was rather quick and easy to make ice cream with my ice cream maker! =) I made the red bean ice cream based on a vanilla ice cream ice cream recipe that came with the ice cream maker, reducing sugar, adding red bean paste and red bean chunks.

Red Bean Ice Cream Red Bean Ice Cream1 

I wasn’t very happy with the end result of my ice cream, although my guinea pigs (hubby, Seyda & Chris) thought it was pretty good. It started with the ready made red bean paste I used, which was the smooth kind with no red bean grains in it. I like to have bits of red bean in my ice cream, so I hastily boiled some red bean which took almost forever to cook. Once it had cooked, I strained it and chopped it up. Added the chopped red beans about the last 5 minutes of the churning process. Transferred the ice cream into containers and freeze them for a couple hours.Red Bean Ice Cream2I tried the ice cream and tasted more vanilla flavors (shouldn’t have added the vanilla extract) than red bean flavors. I thought the only time I tasted red beans, was when I bit into the crunchy frozen bits of chopped red beans which I did not quite fancy. I should have cooked the red beans more, and made sure they were more mushy before adding them to the ice cream! This definitely needs improvement. Anybody’s got an awesome red bean ice cream recipe to share????

Next up on my ice cream menu; Sorbet…. Mango perhaps…per the request of my usual suspects! =)


ayu said...

ya know, the webers have a cherry tree outside their house and last year i made cherry sorbet without an ice cream machine. it was actually really easy to make! and the bits were goooooood :o)

but i wanna see your mango sorbet! :o)

kyle made peanut butter choc chip cookies today...i'm the heaviest i've been in weeks right now...just got off the scale. hahaha.

Simply June said...

oohh.. tht sounds so yummy.. fresh cherry sorbet! =).... I'll take pics once I make those sorbet.... Mango... or maybe strawberry...maybe jackfruit! =)

Please...update you blog!! =)

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