Friday, May 1, 2009

Hello May!

April flew by so quickly and before I realized it, May is already here! In a couple days, my parents will be on a outbound flight from Malaysia to Buffalo. They will be arriving on May 6th, where yours truly will be driving 7 hours from Boston to Buffalo; greeting them at the Buffalo Airport with my brother. Well, hopefully the H1N1 Flu pandemic can be contained, and not interfere with my parent’s travel plans.**Prays**

The highlight of my parents’ trip is my dear brother’s graduation. My baby brother who is 5 years younger than I am, is no longer that little bubbly brat brother I grew up loving. He’s now a mature young man (still love him to bits), on his way to explore the working world that awaits him.

Anyway, I’ll be joining my family on a “family vacation” where the first week of the vacation covers, Buffalo, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. The second week of the vacation will be spent in majority in and around Boston with plans to other major cities in the East/Mid Atlantic. I’m so looking forward to this family vacation…. the last time we had a family vacation was almost 3 yrs ago…. All other family vacation minus ME does not count! =p

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Charlene n Kevin said...

wow! sounds like fun. give me a buzz if you guys are coming to the nyc region. havn't seen your parents in ages!!

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