Thursday, April 1, 2010

L’andana @ Burlington, MA

The timing was perfect. Hubby’s cousin who works as a flight attendant happen to be in this part of the world. Since she’s not been to Boston, she took a bus from NYC to see us. Boston Restaurant Week was going at the same time. If you’re not familiar with Boston Restaurant Week, this happens about twice a year, 2 weeks each I think. Participating restaurants in Boston and greater Boston area will offer a lunch and/or dinner 3 course menu. Lunch is about $20.10 for a 3 course meal while a 3 course dinner is $33.10. Some restaurants even offer a light lunch menu @ $15.10 which includes a 2 course meal. These restaurants will come up with a list of appetizers, entrees and desserts to choose from. Some places only give you about 3 from each category to choose from. Some more to choose from.

I suggested hubby to bring our special guest in town out for a nice dinner. Boston restaurant week is a great way to dine a 3 course meal at a fancy restaurant, and not pay the high price for it! Hubby picked suggested L’andana partly because it’s nearer to home. We checked out the restaurant menu and fell in love with what we saw. The restaurant rating seems pretty good too!


We got seated, browsed through the menu and the wine list. Yes, we went a little fancy and ordered a bottle of wine for dinner. All of us ordered the Zuppa di Funghi (Wild Mushrooms, Parmesan Crema Soup). It was came in a footed bowl (Bottom Right). Soup was delicious. Very creamy, very earthy and definitely very mushroomy, with white foamy stuff on the top. It also had quite a bit of pepper in it. Quite large portion if I may add. Finishing the whole bowl of soup left little room in my tummy for the rest of the dinner yet to come! It was even a lot of soup for the husband! =) If you were to order the soup ala carte, it would cost you $12 per bowl.

Landana3 Landana1

Oh, olive oil soaked toast (Bottom Left) came with a side of olive oil (and sun dried tomato puree?) dip. Although the toast was good, I would prefer if it was a little soft and less oil. Although, we were there strictly for its Restaurant Week menu, I could not resist the Truffle Fries @ $9. I had to order it, no matter what the husband say! It’s probably one of the most expensive order of fries but they are darn good fries with plenty hint of truffles and parmesan cheese. We couldn’t figure out where the truffles were. I don’t think they actually gave us shavings of truffles. That would have cost us $90 for an order of fries! Perhaps truffle oil were used. Or a tiny tiny dusting of heavenly truffle. =)

Landana2 Landana5

Hubby ordered the Wood Grilled Sirloin, with Watercress & Mushroom salad and Gorgonzola Creama (Bottom Left). The entree although could use some brighter colors were otherwise good. The sirlion was grilled to perfection. Very flavorful, very tender. Hubby finished it quite quickly.

His cousin and I ordered the Duck Leg Confit with Orange Glaze Wild Mushroom Risotto (Bottom Right). I knew I was going to order that the first time I saw the menu. I was right! Again, portion was quite big. 2 nicely roasted duck leg came resting on a bed of super yummy mushroom risotto. The duck confit was so moist, flavorful and was literally falling off the bone. I don’t even need a knife to dig into the duck legs. The risotto, according to hubby’s cousin (who’s been to so many places around the world and ate good food) said it was one of the best risotto she’s had. There were lofs of mushrooms in the risotto. I think there were porcini mushrooms in it.


For dessert, husband and I ordered the Panna Cotta di Caramello; Fresh vanilla bean, almond praline & brittle, caramel sauce (Bottom Left). This will cost about $10 if you order it ala carte. I never had panna cotta before and I was surely glad I ordered it! It was creamy, rich and I wished I had more! It reminded me of cream brulee, but not as heavy. Panna cotta is basically custard with just milk and cream, no eggs unlike cream brulee or many other custards.

The cousin ordered Chocolate Creama; Semi-Sweet Chocolate mousse, chantilly cream, walnut and almond biscotti (Bottom Right). This one will cost $9 if ordered ala-carte. RIch chocolate, not overly sweet. I tried it and still preferred my panna cotta. Maybe it’s just because I’m not the biggest mouse fan.

Landana7 Landana8

The overall dining experience was wonderful! Nothing beats catching up with family over some fine yummy Italian meal. There were many attentive staff bringing out food, filling up water and clearing out empty plates promptly. The dining area was pleasant with some upbeat music and was nicely decorated. The chairs were huge, perhaps enough to fit 2 of me. =)

Landana9 Landana10

I will definitely be back. Perhaps during special occasion or another restaurant week event or whenever the hubby feels a little generous. They have a few other sister restaurants which I’ve heard from friends that they are very good as well! Pat on the back for the husband who stumbled upon this place. It was one of the best Italian fine dining I’ve had! =)

Check out L’andana’s menu HERE. Plenty of parking in this stand alone premise. They are however only open for dinner.

86 Cambridge Street
Burlington, MA 01803
(781) 270-0100



i love plum said...

I enjoyed reading this!!!! So glad you had a good experience we pride ourselves on both food and service :) Your pictures are wonderful!!! Hope to see you back soon. I'll be behind the bar!


Cin Twin2 said...

The food looks amazing! I can not wait to try that place. I think that two orders of truffle fries sounds like an excellent dinner choice for me! haha I've been meaning to look up what L'andana means.....

J said...

That place sounds wonderful - pretty sure they drizzled the fries with truffle oil. I've had them at a restaurant in Seattle and that's what they did. Unbelievable flavor.
Love your blog. Keep up the good work!!

Simply June said...

Pam: I will stop by and say hie next time I'm there! Tell the chef, we love the duck confit and rissoto! And the Panna Cotta!!

Crystal: I can eat the truffle fries all day long =)

Jaylene: I guess it's most likely truffle oil. Truffle Oil goes well with beef. I've marinated beef in them and bbqed it..SO GOOD!!

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