Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hudson Super Buffer @ Hudson, MA


We’ve been told that there’s an awesome Chinese Buffet  with a variety of food and affordable in Hudson, MA. The husband and I finally went to the place 2 years later after we heard of how good the place was. Unfortunately, I beg to differ. Well, at least I don’t think it was worth the 40 minutes drive for us to get there just to get Chinese Buffet which wasn’t that spectacular. We have access to one which is just 10 minutes away and for about the same price. Good if not better.

Hudson Super Buffet does offer quite a huge selection of food. Like many buffer places; it’s usually quantity not quality. I did however, enjoyed the sushi selection they put out. For the battered fried seafood or chicken, it’s more batter than the actual stuff. Fried noodles were quite tasteless and oily. For the amount they are charging, patrons do get some raw oyster and clams on the half shell, some cocktail shrimp and crab legs. I never touch raw oysters in buffet places as I’m afraid of getting a tummy upset. =p.

HudsonSuperBuffet HudsonSuperBuffet1

The seafood soup was like starch with water and you’ll get some occasional bits of tiny chopped seafood, corn and swirls of egg drop. Soup was tasteless overall. =( It was almost like drinking water seriously.


Dessert selection is more or less the same stuff you get at every other Chinese buffet. I just ate some fresh fruits from the dessert line. =)

Overall, I find the place quite claustrophobic; low ceilings and quite tight dining area. I guess the low ceiling really makes things worse. In some dining area, you could literally reach the buffet line by just stretching your hands a little. Service is as good as it can get at a buffet place. Not terrible, but nothing to shout about either. I forgot how much we paid for the weekend lunch buffet. Figure something between $12.95 - $14.95. I somehow think it was more than that coz I remember telling the husband it wasn’t worth it.

I don’t think we’ll be back for another round of Chinese Buffet @ Hudson Super Buffet. Like I first mentioned, 40 minutes for a nothing to shout about buffet just isn’t worth it. If this is the only Chinese buffet in town, it’s not that bad I guess. =). Hudson Super Buffet is located across from a cemetery (Another reason for me not to go back! I don’t like cemeteries and the husband always had a great time teasing me about it) and have ample parking:

167 Broad St
Hudson, MA 01749
(978) 568-9889


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