Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Stars and Stripes Cafe @ The Smithsonian

I would go to the museum often if they have food like this!! Since we were up early and did not have a single bite to eat, we decided to head to the Stars and Stripes Cafe at the American History Museum at the Smithsonian for brunch/lunch.

I was glad we decided to eat there. There were a good selection of different kind of food (and desserts). The dining area is spacious, contemporary and has a great view; I think it was the Washington monument.

I ordered the Cherry Blossom special which was chicken salad on Cranberry Walnut bread. It was one of the best chicken salad sandwich I’ve had. The contributing factor was definitely that slightly sweet, slightly tangy cranberry walnut bread. The mayo dressing in the chicken salad was just nice. The bread was soft enough to hold the chicken salad. It however cost quite a bit since it did not come with any sides. $9 for my chicken sandwich. The cup of crème brulee you in the picture was not part of my sandwich. That little baby cost me about $4.50. While the crème was nice and smooth, it was missing that caramelized crystal crust on top. It was funny how Qi, my brother’s gf and I took the exact same thing.

MuseumCafe1 Both the husband and my brother went for the fried stuff. The husband ordered a chicken sandwich, onion rings and my all time favorite cheese curd (YOU GOTTA TRY IT!!). My brother ordered a hot dog and onion rings. Fried Cheese Curds are most likely a Midwestern thing and I was ecstatic to see it in DC. I miss my fried cheese curds and the husband surely know what I like!! It wasn’t cheap for the amount of cheese curds we were given. The husband chicken sandwich was normal, nothing too shot about. The onion rings on the other hand were good, crunchy and fresh off the fryer! =). And cheese curds……Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


We spent close to $70 for 4 people at the Stars and Stripes cafe at the American History Museum. Considering that we did not pay to get into the museum, I guess the price is not that bad. Although, I did hear many patrons cringing at the price of the food there. At least, the cafe is serving good quality food. =)


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Cin Twin2 said...

Yum on the onion rings!

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