Thursday, April 15, 2010

Udon & Plum Wine

That was a quick, delicious meal for a lazy dinner! I bought a couple packets of Udon Instant Noodles from the local grocery store the other day and cooked them for dinner. I added some fishcakes, shrimp and baby bok choy into the noodles to make it a more “complete” meal. The best part of that meal was enjoying a glass of my favorite wine; Japanese Plum Wine.


Let me just do a brief intro of the Udon Noodles first. If' you're not familiar with Udon; it is a thick Japanese wheat noodle often served in a light broth. This is widely served in Japanese restaurants or you can get instant ones which aren’t bad at all. The ones I got were Myojo Udon noodles, and this brand is quite readily available in many grocery stores! It’s just like cooking any instant noodles and by adding a few ingredients of your own, it brings the instant Udon up a notch. =) I’ve not tried any other brands, and I don’t see a reason to try other brands coz I’m happy with this one! =)

  Udon1 Udon

So, dinner that night was totally Japanese. I opened my bottle of favorite wine. Choya Umeshu (Plum Wine) is available at most liquor store and does cost a bit. Well, it cost more than what I usually pay for a bottle of wine. I bought this bottle (750ml) of plum wine for $18 (excluding tax). The wine is sweet, slightly sour with hints of sour plum. It also comes with about wine infused green plums. If you’ve not had this wine before, it’s sweetness can be compared to a sweet Riesling or Muscat, I guess. It’s definitely one of my favorite wine and something I would order at a Japanese restaurant. Try it, I think if you like sweet wine, you’ll enjoy this Plum Wine! If you don’t, I’ll gladly finish it for you!!


Mmmmmm…..writing about it makes me want to pour myself and enjoy another glass of yummy plum wine. =)



Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

this is a quick and yummy meal ! Have a nice weekend ahead..

Cin Twin2 said...

That wine definitely looks delicious! It seems to pair well with the noodles and broth. Yum!

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