Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Been a Lil’ Lazy…

Sorry I’ve not been updating this blog as frequently as I used to. The only excuse I have is I’ve been a lil’ lazy especially after a long day at work. I spend most of my days at work now, and I don’t have the luxury to be cooking fancy stuff on weekdays anymore. Fret not, I’m still cooking.. just a lil lazy to update my blog…..

My week night meals are now usually quick and easy meals. That does not mean I’m eating instant noodles, frozen food, canned food or sandwiches with deli meat……It’s hot cooked food…mostly from scratch!. On some days, I do however go all out, if I get home early from work, not too tired or is in the zone to cook something a lil’ fancy…..These days too, I try to bake sweet treats on weekdays and bring it to work to bribe the people I work with.. =)

Look out for posting on my first attempt at making Panna Cotta (Italian custard/cooked cream).


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