Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sightseeing Baltimore, MD – April 2, 2010

Here’re some pictures from my weekend getaway to see the spectacular Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC. We made a stop in Baltimore and stayed at a hotel in Fells Point; a historical waterfront area in Baltimore, MD.

All these pictures are taken during our walk from Fells Point to the Inner Harbor.

1) Tug Boat (Bottom Left) docked at the harbor across from the Admiral Fells Inn, where we stayed for a night. While the hotel is nice and charming,it is not a great place if you treasure your sleep. =)

2) Yacht Club (Bottom Right) with boats docked nicely in rows.


3) Sneak peak of Cherry Blossoms (Bottom). The husband said that there’s no point going to DC if we can see the Cherry Blossoms in Baltimore.


4) And more Cherry Blossoms (Bottom Left)

5) Some other kind of Blossom (Bottom Right). Not sure if they are also cherry blossoms?


6) Saw this magnificent (gold?) statue/monument (Bottom Left) on our random walk around Baltimore. It was majestically placed in the center of a rotary, and surrounded by tall buildings.

7) Hard Rock Cafe (Bottom Right). I think the cafe is located in an old mill perhaps? I used to make it a point to stop by any Hard Rock Cafe store at every city I visit to get souvenir t-shirts for either myself, my now hubby and/or my brother. That expensive habit died a couple years ago. =) Now, I’m just collecting fridge magnets. =)

Baltimore6 Baltimore7

8) Lightship Chesapeake (Bottom Left). This ship was completed in 1930 and was once in use with the US lighthouse system.

9) USS Constellation (Bottom Right). This war ship is over 200 years old and now sits permanently at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD.


Baltimore, MD is a nice little charming city rich with maritime history. This was my fourth visit here, second in one year. This is a nice place for a short getaway.By the way, parts of the city still have cobblestone roads, so make sure you wear comfortable SNEAKERS!



Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

All shots are awesome, I especially like the Cherry Blossoms!

Cin Twin2 said...

Pictures were beautiful! It looked like such a pretty day to be walking around. Thanks for the history lesson too! :-)

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