Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sightseeing Washington DC – April 3, 2010 (Part One)

After spending one night in Baltimore, we started the day early and drove to Washington DC. When I said we started the day early…we did..we check out between 7am – 7.30am. After loading stuff into the car, filling up the tank we finally made it into DC slightly close to 9 I think. Finding parking was quite tough but we managed to park in a shopping mall and walked to the main attractions. The walk wasn’t that bad. Weather was quite decent, although it was a bit chilly early in the morning.

We did not really visit all the historical monuments and memorials this trip as we’ve seen it a couple times..minus the cherry blossoms. I’ve done all the monuments and memorials twice or thrice, the last was last year when I brought my parents and my brother here. I don’t think I’ve poasted pictures from that trip. Maybe I will well….when I’m not that lazy to go through my archives =).

So, here are pictures from the main reason we took the trip…Cherry Blossoms!!! All of these Cherry Blossoms are taken around the Tidal Basin as we walked towards the Jefferson Memorial.

DC5DC10DC9DC8DC7DC4DC6DC11DC2                 DC3

The cherry blossoms are definitely pretty. They are not as huge as the ones in Japan though. These Cherry Blossoms were actually gifts from the people of Japan to the people of the United States in 1912.

Since we’ve had enough of monuments and memorials, we took the opportunity to visit some Smithsonian museums. I’ll post pictures from our trip to the museum next! =)


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