Friday, April 23, 2010

Food & Wine Pairing

food and wine pairing

As much as I love my food and my wine, I’ve never really had a proper food and wine pairing meal. I just usually order or drink whatever I was in the mood for; most likely a sweet wine.

Tomorrow, a friend of ours is generous to organize a food and wine pairing luncheon at his home. The friend being a wine collector/connoisseur and a frequent traveler has put up a delectable 3-4 course menu, each with a wine pairing or two. Looking at what he’s planned for us made me feel like I’m actually going to be dining at a fine restaurant! I can’t wait to taste them and learn a thing or two from Steve! I will most likely shamelessly take pictures of my experience. =)



J said...

Love to pair food and wine. Amazing how the taste of both change depending on how they are paired. Can't wait to see the pics and your comments!

Cin Twin2 said...

How did I know that my mother would comment first on this blog? :-) My parents are big winos and have been to classes and seminars about wine parings. I heard through the grapevine how awesome the food and wine was at the gathering! Sorry I had to miss it....

Simply June said...

J & C: I have pics to post...=) along with many other posts I've yet to write about haha.

C: I took a wine (and beer class) during my final year in college. you would think I would know a thing or two on the vino after spending 2 hours every week drinking in class! =)

U miss some delicious eggplant parmesan!! and amazing delicious poached was was good.. too bad u weren't there!!

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