Monday, April 6, 2009

Wedding Luncheon @ Weber Grill

Chicago-2This is a little late post on my dining experience @ Weber Grill, Lombard, IL. One word to sum it all for sure, “YUM!!”. As I had mentioned in my previous post, Ayu and Kyle had their wedding reception at Weber Grill to celebrate their new status as husband and wife.Weber That was my first time dining at Weber Grill and I must say I was very impressed with the food they served! The wedding couple had carefully selected the menu and the guests had a choice of salmon or chicken. Yours truly, picked salmon; Teriyaki Salmon. Excellent choice! It was freaking finger licking good!! Salmon was nicely marinated and perfectly cooked! It was so flavorful and moist, just the way I like it. The Roasted asparagus was also delicious and the garlic mashed potato was HEAVENLY GOOD!! Weber-1Oh…and how could I forget to brag about the salad and the dinner rolls? Mixed salad was tossed in maybe a fire roasted corn vinaigrette and was to die for! I’m not a big salad person and will rarely order salad at a restaurant…but I will definitely order this anytime! I could eat a second serving of that dessert if given a chance!! And since I’m a bread person, how could I not eat their bread. Pretzel bread was served before salad and I can’t stop popping them bread into my mouth one after another! Each bit slathered  with loads of whipped butter or cheddar butter that came with the roll.

Unfortunately, I can’t write about the Key Lime Cheesecake….as I left before desserts were served! Boo! I bet it was equally yummy, if not better! Check out the rest of their mouth watering menu HERE and for you lucky Chicago (and Indianapolis) residents…check out the nearest locations HERE.

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