Friday, April 10, 2009

Pineapple Rolls..Yay!

Hubby lucked out! I made some pineapple rolls last night for my friend and had some leftovers made extra for hubby to munch on. Making these pineapple rolls reminisces me of my Chinese New Year baking mode when I made tons and tons of pineapple rolls.=P It’s not much, just enough to last a day or two or less.. =P… Pineapple Tart-5Recipe for the Pineapple Rolls is posted HERE. I used 4 cans of crushed pineapples, cooked into jam to fill up 2 batches of the crust recipe. I think my crust is thinner than my earlier batches. I know I love to bite into a piece of pineapple roll generously filled with not too sweet pineapple jam.

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