Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Come, First Served?

I’m venting my frustration and anger here of what happened to hubby and I today… I seriously don’t understand why SOME people can so self centered and ignorant!! Argh!

Here’s the story….the family (Hubby, Brady and I) went to the neighborhood tennis courts for some family time to let Brady run about off leash in a fenced in area. There are 2 tennis courts there and I admit that one is better than the other. We got to the nicer court as we were the FIRST AND ONLY ONES there and played with Brady. Then come 2 self-centered brainless ignorant @ssholes guys who drove there and started walking to the court we were using obviously with the intention of taking over the court we were using.

In our hearts…we’re like HELLO??….are you guys blind or something???..We’re using this court!! Why can’t they walk to the other EMPTY court and play there? Hubby asked if they wanted to use the court we were using, and ignorantly, selfishly they of course had to say yes and asked if we were using it… We nicely replied, yea (I really wanted to add, isn’t it OBVIOUS?).. we’re playing with the dog and courteously asked if they wanted to use our court and wanted us to move over. Those two guys answered yes, and dare thanked us! Ugh! We cheekily asked if this court is better and of course that self-centered guys said yes and happily added that the dog won’t know the difference. Hubby and I (and Brady) being nice, considerate and doesn’t want to be jerks (LIKE THEM) gave in and courteously move to the other court to continue our family play time.

I was pissed, very pissed even though those idiots were right about Brady not knowing the difference… But hey… WE WERE THERE FIRST, and there was another EMPTY court… What happen to the common sense and law of ‘FIRST COME FIRST SERVE?” The court we were using was just a LITTLE bit better….Why can’t they use the other court first and move to the slightly better one after we leave? Why can’t they be a little more considerate and less self-centered??? Maybe next time, I won’t be miss helpful and help pick up their stray tennis balls…….Pick up your own balls! Take That!!! BAH!!!!!

And may I also add…they are just amateurs…….

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