Thursday, April 9, 2009

Blueberry Ale..YUMS!

We had a late night outing with some friends after attending Lowell’s Film Fest. As some of us needed to grab a bite and at 11pm at night, that did not give us much choice to hunt down an open kitchen. Beer WorksWe headed to Beer Works in Lowell for some food and of course their own beer! The food was not bad and priced quite reasonable. Service was slow even though it looked like we might be the only ones there…, maybe they were down to one cook at that time of the night. I shared some Buffalo wings which was tasted alright. My other friends ordered Chicken & Artichoke Pizza, Grilled Vege Quesadilla, Chicken Burger and Grilled Salmon which looked yummy. Oh yeah, the Blueberry Apple Crumble sounded delicious so I ordered that to go along with my 22 Oz Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale! Hehe! Beer Works-1The Blueberry Apple Crumble @ $6 were quite disappointment even though I almost finished the whole thing…Momma taught me not to waste food! Hehe! The Blueberry Apple Crumble were very sloppily made, and the taste were just mediocre. Blueberries were almost non-existent in my glass of dessert…sigh! My Blueberry Ale was delicious on the other hand…. I was quite apprehensive when I ordered it as I’ve tasted a Blueberry Beer that I did not really enjoy plus like my beer smooth and non bitter…. This beer was delicious with bits of floating and “dancing” blueberries in the glass. Here’s a video below..lets see if this works….

Oh yeah, did I mention that there was GOOD live music too? I will go back to try the other food they offer, (minus that crappy Apply Blueberry Crumble)…….and of course another pint of their Blueberry Ale….or some other beer they offer…. I think beer and wine are your only alcoholic options there, no cocktails/mix drinks served at this place. Boo! I want my Martini, but I don’t mind settling with their Blueberry Ale! Yums!

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