Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ambitious Chicken Chop!

This is not a name for any dish…… it’s a name for my entree I made for Friday night’s dinner! I was torn between chicken chop with the traditional chicken chop sauce (found in Malaysia) and black pepper mushroom sauce. I made both sauces at the last minute; can’t resist either one!! Both sauces shared quite a bit of ingredients; sliced onion, sliced mushrooms, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper and other seasoning that made the sauces 2 worlds apart. Dinner-33 Served it over deep fried chicken thighs, steamed peas and carrots as well as tater tots! Yum-O!!! The darker sauce was the black pepper mushroom sauce and the other is the sort-of-traditional chicken chop sauce!

Here’s a picture of the more traditional looking Chicken Chop, almost just like what you get at restaurants in Malaysia.Chicken ChopOur (Malaysian) Chicken Chops were always cooked based on this recipe we found on KUALI with our own amendments tweaking it till we think the sauce is right!

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