Friday, April 17, 2009

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips is a very classic English (Pub) food loved by many. However, it’s quite tough to find a restaurant who can perfectly make the fish batter right, not too thick and yet a crispy texture of the outside. The fish however needs to be fresh, thick and juicy! And the British would serve it with thick cut fries, rather then French (Cut) Fries.

I made some for dinner 2 nights ago as I was longing to have some and I have some fish in the freezer. It did not turn out that well. The Brits would probably scream in horror when they see my version of Fish & Chips. Presenting Fish & Tots!!!! I was missing some tartar sauce so we ate it with ketchup only.Dinner-32 I thought by serving the fried fish with tater tots, it would be different.. Haha!! Anyway, the batter for my fish looked good.. the taste…far from a perfect fried fish unfortunately. Sigh.. I added one too many egg in the batter. I used Hup Loong frying powder/flour again but unfortunately the batter was a too thick for the fish, too “eggy” and not crunchy…… Sad…Sad…It almost tasted like cake or eggy bread on the outside of the fish! Hehe! Better luck next time! Maybe less egg, no egg yolk or a different batter. Hubby teased me and asked why I did not take Alton Brown’s advice of not using the egg yolks when frying the fish! Argh!!

Anyway, being self proclaimed foodaholic….Hubby and I are often on the adventure to search for the best food. We have twice been on the search for the best Fish & Chips….once in London and once in New York, New York! We had 2-3 places marked down for best Fish & Chips in London (& vicinity), but never got to them as they were closed. We were “brilliant” to visit London during X’mas!! We finally settled with a restaurant near Camden Market for Fish & Chips. It was good..and the mashed peas….yummehh!! Never knew mashed peas are served with Fish & Chips!

As for the hunt for best Fish & Chips in NYC…. That will be reserved for another post! =)

Cheers, mate!

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