Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cheese Overload!!!

I’ve gone nuts over cheese… I just realized I have more than half a dozen of different cheeses in my fridge today…..Yikes!! I do have plans to make stuff with them and kept buying/restocking them different cheeses without realizing it…….Here’s what I have (some are still new in bag, some used):

1) Cream Cheese : Cream Cheese Frosting and/or Mushroom Onion Tarts.

2) Mexican Blend Cheese : For Quesadilla and/or Burritos =P

3) Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese Blend : Lasagna and/or Cheesy Garlic Bread

4) Ricotta Cheese : Pancakes and/or Lasagna

5) Swiss Cheese : Quiche Lorraine and/or Mushroom Onion Tart

6) Swiss & Cheddar Cheese Blend : Mushroom Onion Tart or whatever that came in mind

7) Parmesan Cheese  (Shredded and Grated) : Chicken / Eggplant Parmesan  and/or Lasagna

8) Pizza Four Cheese Blend : Pizza??

See……told you I went totally nuts over cheese!! And to think that I almost bought Mascarpone Cheese today to make Tiramisu….. Thank goodness the store were out of stock? I hope hubby won’t be opening the fridge anytime soon….He will probably faint at the sight of all those cheeses and the thought of cheese laden food I will make for us and what those would do to the waistline (and face)!!


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