Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday Outing

BostonAfter dropping off Seyda and Rob to the airport, we headed into Boston with BRADY!! It was his first time going into Boston and we thought he was filled with mix feelings; excitement and fear at the same time. It was his first time (with us) venturing into the big city seeing new things he’s never accustomed to.

Boston-5 Boston-3

We brought Brady to the Boston Common, a park within the city for a stroll (before the predicted rain start falling down) and a little adventure (Brady started chasing after squirrels due to his hunting nature!) The walk in the park was alright, we found the dog owners there a little more snobby and unfriendly. =P I enjoyed our strolls along the river more than in this park where other dog owners tend to be friendlier and willing to chat up! =P I definitely look forward to taking Brady to the dog park in Nashua tomorrow…..where the owners are all not as uptight! =P

Took some pictures of some interesting scenery I saw. The two pictures below were 2 paths in the park taken at an intersection. See the difference between both of them; one right flowers blooming, another still bald.

Boston-1      Boston-2

And some more pictures to show my “artistic” and creative side:

Boston-7 Boston-6

After our stroll in the park, it was our turn for some fun…..DINNER!! We “ta pau” (ordered to go) some noodles from my favorite Penang Restaurant and some roast meat (duck & pork) from disappointing Hong Kong Eatery..brought them back to enjoy dinner at home. There goes my plan of making various food (with my cheeses) as we “ta pau-ed” so much stuff!

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KooQi said...

haha i want roast duck =p

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