Monday, April 20, 2009

Ouchy Ouch!

Yours truly had an accident yesterday at the doggie park. Many thanks to Brady’s curiosity and his adventurous nature, he sneaked out of the fenced in doggie park to an locked area not accessible to the public. The only way to get to him was to climb the fence.

We were just hanging around trying to keep a watchful eye of Brady when hubby suddenly noticed that he’s on the other side of the fence! And there’s no way to get there unless you’re as tiny as Brady or climb the fence. We were also afraid he’ll wonder around and somehow make his way into the woods.

Hubby ran towards Brady, I ran after hubby….it was probably the quickest run I had in years! And an over excited big black dog ran after me!! The dog sort of outran me and somehow managed to trip me or caught my legs. Next thing I know it was TIMBER!!!!! I fell; pretty badly I must say.

When I regain my “consciousness” and composure, I saw two holes in my jeans, one bigger than the other. For split second, I couldn’t remember which jeans I wore; perfect no hole jeans or the ones with holes…. And then I felt all the pain!!! and peaked into my torn jeans……. I was SOOO UPSET; big bloody right knee and big bruised left knee! I wasn’t upset about my jeans (more excuse to shop!), rather my injured knees! There goes my big plans to wear skirts and dresses now that the weather’s warmer!!!20097_Injured_SmurfHubby said he heard a thud behind him, turned around and saw me on the road. Yes, I fell on TAR ROAD which worsened my injuries! Thank goodness the first thing he thought of was me, and ran to my “rescue”. Asked if I was ok (I wasn’t!!), but I told him to go get our mischievous little Brady!

While other dogs helped themselves to the treats that fell out fro my pocket, the other dog owners helped me, and got me some first aid kit, Kelvin managed to persuade Brady back into the park. Brady was kind enough to “visit” his injured mom once he came back in. I prepped my wound and finally saw how big and bloody my right knee was; the “bloody” part was about the size of about 2 quarters and the whole wound size smaller than a tennis ball. My left knee had a few scratches and a big bruise was smaller than a tennis ball! And a few more scratched on my hands. I haven’t gotten such a big wound probably since I was a kid and I was always so ever careful protecting my knees!!!

We stayed for a bit, and then went home for the injured girl to rest, and receive butler service from the hubby!! We think we’re now very famous the the dog park! Hubby and I think that I would be known as the girl who fell….. or Brady to be known as the dog who ran away (this was his 2nd time running out of the fenced in park…On Easter Sunday, he ran out of the front area as they did not securely fence it!). Hopefully they won’t ban us or Brady from going to the park next weekend!

I rested most of yesterday.. in pain ….and in more pain when I noticed a deep scratch on my wedding ring..**sobs**… I found the whole incident bitter sweet….bitter for all the wounds and cuts I end up having…and sweet coz I have an excuse to shop for a new pair of jeans and a new ring with bigger diamonds??? haha!!  Brady was very adventurous and curious (unlike the other dogs in there). And at least he recognized his owners, was able to respond to his name and made his way back into the park through the same place he left it!

No pictures of my wounds as it’s toooooooo gory and bloody to share. Next time, I’ll leave hubby to do the running part!


**Sherene** said...

Rest well.. I am sure butler service is 5 stars and beyond. It's still April showers.. so no shorts and skirts just yet but promise you this, it will heal soon! :D

Tze Hui said...

owh that must've hurt... real bad... but with ur hubby around i bet you can enjoy life for the next 6 months (**tsk tsk get him to cook for you!)

Kiat said...

Get well soon!

*Did you finally find out which jeans you're wearing?

Adeline said...

that sounds painful! hope you feel alot better now.....

Simply June said...

Sherene : Thanks.. Yea I hope it will at least dry up's so blahhh..! Can't complain about butler service...he's been walking the dog and cleaning the house! Haha!

Tze Hui: Yeah... ti's pretty bad and disgusting. =P Your cousin has been wonderful... I sitll do the cooking,..almost everything else he's doing..

Kiat: Thanks! Yes.. I wore my perfect no hole jeans.....time to shop for a new pair!!

Adeline: Thanks!! Walking with a limp right now.......sigh...

ayu said...

JUNE!!! *HUG* me misseth you.

poor june, and ring :P. hope you're feeling better by now...

and should be back on msn for a short spell sometime soon...we got this ultra cool present i bet you're going to love! can't wait to show you pictures...of course it's food related! :o)

hugs to brady and hi to mr june.

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