Saturday, April 25, 2009

Seafood Night…Louisiana Meets New England!


Chen and Janet invited us over to feast on 15 lbs of Louisiana Crawfish! They love crawfish and miss eating them so much that they decided to overnight 15 lbs of “mini-lobsters” from down south! I think they had eaten a couple pounds of crawfish the night before and had about 10 lbs of it to serve tonight!  The live crawfish were cleaned and cooked in Creole seasoning. YUMS!!!And we contributed New England Clam Chowder for dinner….another YUMS! Recipe for the Clam Chowder to follow!

Crawfish-5 Clam Chowder-5

Hubby and Chen took over the sink, brushing and cleaning each crawfish. It was a tedious and never ending process as the pile of crawfish never shrunk! Poor hubby even got pinched by those little rascals twice! I stayed away, and just watched the boys clean them crawfish. I had enough of injuries for the week!

Crawfish-2Here are some pictures of our little Crawfish Feast, Louisiana style!

 CrawfishCrawfish-1  Crawfish-3  Crawfish-6

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