Thursday, April 30, 2009

Turkish Treats : Badem Ezmesi Tadinda

This will be my first posting on Turkish treats. I’ve the luxury of tasting different Turkish treats, thanks to Seyda who has occasionally introduced me to different Turkish sweets. Prior to this, all I know are Turkish delights, which I love but have over time find it a bit too sweet.

Seyda brought back 2 treats for me after her recent trip to Turkey. She brought back a packet of Ulker Hanimeller- Badem Ezmesi Tadinda. There’s not a sign of English on the front of the packet, but I spotted on the side of the packet, “Cookies With Almond Cream Filling”. And thanks to Google, I found out that “Badem” means Almond in Turkish! I can’t figure out the little white bits of something on the bottom left corner of the packet. Nuts? Cream? Chocolate? BademInside this packet are bite size semi soft/crumble cookies with grounded nut filling. When you bite into this cookie, you will be greeted by a strong almond aroma followed by a subtle taste of hazelnut. This is really yummy and surprisingly not overly sweet. I could easily finish the whole packet of this “almondy-hazelnutty” cookies. Yums! Definitely not for someone who dislike or are allergic to nuts! =)  Badem-1I’m not sure where you could get this cookie, try your nearest Middle Eastern store perhaps or online stores?

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