Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cooking Plans On Hold

I had enormous plans to make yummy stuff for hubby and I over the Easter weekend…Lasagna, Fish & Chips, Quiche Lorraine, & Chicken Chop………

Everything on hold for the weekend… hehe… it started off with the carry out food from Chinatown on Good Friday, so much it’s enough to feed a small army…ok….I’m exaggerating…but we did have leftovers for lunch. So no point making anything for lunch. =P. And we had free dinner that night. Chen & his gf, Janet cooked us some yummy Chinese food. Yay.. I love free food!!! There were lobster, shrimp, chicken, vege, and soup. Meal fit for royalty it felt like Chinese New Year!Chen And more cooking plans got stalled when we spent Easter Sunday with Chris (and his family &  friends) in Rhode Island……… We drove to Rhode Island after Brady had his fun at the doggie park. Crashed Invited to join Chris’s parents’ friends’ Easter get together where we devoured delicious Filipino cuisine! Yumminess!!

I guess I shouldn’t be complaining that I’m getting a kitchen break! My kitchen break might be extended as yours truly has a gut feeling she’s falling sick…BooHoo!!  =(

Happy Easter!!

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