Friday, April 24, 2009

Legal Sea Foods.…If It Isn’t Fresh, It Isn’t Legal!

Hubby’s primary schoolmate, Jolene dropped by Boston to visit us for a few days before flying back to Singapore. And trying our best to shower her with our hospitality, we offered her our guestroom in our humble pad for a couple nights and treated her to somewhat a “must-go-to”/ “must-have” meal when you’re in Boston.Legal SeafoodLegal Sea Foods…is one of the most popular seafood joint in Massachusetts with branches in other Eastern states. The Clam Chowder from Legal Seafood has been served at the Presidential Inauguration since 1981! This restaurant is slightly upscale, yet still quite affordable. It’s definitely not your Apple Bees, Chili’s or Friday’s!

Here’s what we ordered….. Our all time favorite soup  at Legal Seafood is unfortunately not their Clam Chowder…we both love their Lobster Bisque hands down! A Cup is at $6.95 and a bowl of the bisque cost $9.95 with bits of lobster meat for garnish. YUMS!! My brother and his gf said that they prefer the Clam Chowder from Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market.Legal Seafood-1Jolene ordered a cuppa Clam Chowder; hey if they have been serving this Clam Chowder at the Presidential Inauguration…It must be good right!!!!?? I wished they sprinkled a little chopped parsley or other herbs for some garnish. Looked a little blaahh like that!Legal Seafood-2And all three of us had fish…. all different kind of (wood) grilled fish, paired with different sauces and favorite sides! Yours truly ordered grilled Arctic Char ($22.95) with Lemon Chive Butter sauce (which came on a separate dish) and paired with with Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli. It was pretty good. It was my first time eating Arctic Char and even though it looked quite similar to Salmon, the flesh was a little different, not as firm maybe flakier and maybe contain less oil compared to Salmon.Legal Seafood-6Hubby ordered grilled Rainbow Trout ($17. 95) with Red Thai Coconut Curry and paired it with Rice Pilaf and Steamed Broccoli. The coconut curry was quite good. IN fact I think it tasted a tad better than mine! The curry is also served on the side and unfortunately was not very generous with it. Just a little saucer of sauce and knowing hubby…he would love a bowl full of curry! Hubby did not enjoy his fish, as there were many bones still left in the fish!Legal Seafood-4Jolene ordered grilled Salmon ($21.95) with Lemon Chive Butter and paired with Onion Strings and Mashed Potatoes. The salmon portion was pretty huge, and the onion strings were quite yummy!Legal Seafood-5All 3 of us did not finish the meal (we packed the left-overs home), especially yours truly after she gobbled down 3 warm dinner rolls slathered with lotsa butter before the meals came. Hubby can vouch for me that I’m a “bread girl”, I love all kinds of bread…. and once ate 6 dinner rolls at Legal Seafood before dinner came…. Hey, a hungry girl must be fed!!! No desserts as I have tons of Tiramisu waiting for us at home!

Check out your nearest Legal Sea Foods and their menu HERE. And if you really really really wanna get your hands on some Legal Sea Foods, check out their catalog HERE where you can order and have them ship it to you! 

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