Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chicken Quesadilla

I was inspired to make some Quesadilla for dinner, and no it wasn’t from watching another Bobby Flay Throw Down or other Food Network shows. It was a “just because” spontaneous urge to make it as I was shopping for this week’s groceries. It all started with this big pack of chicken breasts which was on sale…and my food loving mind just started rolling…Tortillas were next to cheeses…..One thing lead to the next, I bought what I thought were the necessary ingredients to make Chicken Quesadilla!

Quesadilla are tortillas (corn or whole wheat) filled with cheese, guacamole and meat, toasted. This Mexican cuisine is quite commonly found on appetizer menus in various restaurants somehow reminded me of savory pancakes/crepes but is easier to eat with your hands!

Making the Chicken Quesadilla was surprisingly easy and hubby said it was delicious and thought that I had put in a lot of work to make it…Haha!! I did not refer to any recipe, just imagination of the last quesadilla I had and started putting stuff together of what I thought was right!

I sautéed some thinly sliced chicken breast strips with some thinly sliced onions and minced garlic in butter. Then I added some salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and chili powder. When the chicken is cooked, I removed it and set it aside.

To assemble the quesadilla, I took a piece of corn tortilla and spread a thin layer of guacamole on it. Then on one side of the tortilla and about 1 inch from the edge, I sprinkled some Mexican Cheese blend, cooked chicken strips, thinly sliced green pepper and more cheese. Folded the tortilla into half, and heated it on a slightly buttered pan, pressing it down slightly. I heated both sides until the tortilla is browned and cheese melted. Cut into 4 pieces and serve it with some store bought guacamole, home made salsa and Asian inspired Coleslaw( my creation).  Dinner-27I always make more for hubby to bring for lunch the next day! Tuesdays thru Fridays, hubby will always have lunch box from home except when he has a lunch meeting or if we ate out the night before. Why pay for cafeteria food that can be pretty crappy when you can bring a container of homemade food made with lotsa love?? All you need is to reheat it and you’ve got yourself a warm lunch! Here’s a picture of his Chicken Quesadilla lunch packed in somewhat a “bento” style, with all the condiments that go with quesadilla! The salsa, guacamole and salad are packed in individual silicone baking cups to separate them from a forming a mess. =) Can you feel the love?Dinner-28


siawlay said...

Yummy~ i love Quesadilla alot!!!! I can feel your love to kelvin =D

grace said...

June im definitely feelin the lurrrrve!!!

Simply June said...

Oh yeah...feel the lurve....!!
Siaw lay, Quesadilla is easy to make!

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