Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meet Brady’s Twin!

Sweet Hearts from My Sweet Hearts Bakery in Sydney, Australia found Brady his twin! She stumbled upon my blog and saw pictures of Brady…who look quite similar to her little pooch; Chico! Although Brady is a Jack Russell and Italian Greyhound mix while Chico is a Foxxie and Maltese mix, they sure do have uncanny resemblance!

Sweet Hearts took the time to compile the similarities and pictures of both the pampered little ones!Check out her blog entry HERE. And tell me that they are not twins separated at birth!! It’s too bad that we are miles and oceans apart… would have been super cool to meet up for a doggy play date and for both owners to share our similar interest in FOOD!!!

Desktop2a  ****Picture borrowed from My Sweet Hearts Bakery.


Lilia said...

i love this picture of them two sleeping! *loves*

Chico doesn't normally bark for no reason. He's pretty protective toward doors. Every time, he hears someone coming into the house, he tends to bark and if someone is approaching the car when we are in it, he barks too. I call him a guard dog.
Try to observe next time when Brad barks and why he does it. Perhaps other animals? or outsiders?
but it's great that Brad doesn't bark much, that will save me a lot less frustration~ :)

ween said...

hey! i wanted to ask u if u knew abt this! i stumbled upon this blog too & realized she was referring to u! The power of internet is making the world so so small!

Simply June said...

Sweet Hearts: Brady barked when my friend chased him around the house to pick him up. And that too, he barked like once or twice. Never seen him bark when we're out..In fact he's very friendly with other dogs and people... ..In fact, I don't really see much agression in him...u can just take his toy or food away.. he'll be ok.. just give u the pitiful's good that we do not have to deal with his barking problems!

Ween: In deed.....the internet is making the world smaller!

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