Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nashua D.O.G.

Husband and I woke up at 7.30 am today to bring Mr. Brady out to a doggie playground about 20 minutes from our place. The off- leash  doggie playground is open from 8 am –10 am every Sunday and is a makeshift fenced in field at a warehouse.

The playground is created / organized by a group of volunteers in hope to bring a permanent off- leash doggie playground into the city of Nashua, NH. Nashua D.O.G. will require you to register your little pooch, and for first timers like us, bring copy of vaccinations records (preferably from the vet), copy of dog city license registration, and owners identification. They will then give your dog a “park pass”. New dogs like Brady will have to wear an orange bandana to let the other dog owners know that these dogs are new to the park. Don’t forget the $3 donation which will go in to the permanent off leash doggie playground fund every time you go. You will need to bring your own pooppy bag to pick up after the dog, water and treats for your dog and also stay close to them at all times.Nashua DOG-1The little make shift park was bigger and very very well attended than we had expected! Almost all dogs are very sociable and friendly! It was truly a fun experience and we’re happy to let Brady interact with other canines.=). The whole family got some early morning exercise today, with Brady running around with other dogs…and us running after Brady to make sure he’s safe!

Here're are some pictures from Brady’s first off leash playground experience including a picture (bottom right) of Brady doing a #2 and hubby to pick up his mess…hehehe!:

Nashua DOG-4 Nashua DOG  Nashua DOG-2 Nashua DOG-3

If you’re interested in bringing your dog to this off leash play ground, CLICK HERE for more information.


Lilia said...

ohhh, how i wish we had a park like that near our place. We hardly bring Chico to a park, more to beaches and swimming. Brady is one lucky baby!

Simply June said...

I guess he is... and i'm getting all the exercises with him around! How nice of you to bring Chico to the beach......we want to do that too and see if he likes to swim...Will have to wait till the weather warms up a little.

Adeline said...

Brady is so lucky! :D

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